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Resources & Links

Educate before you Vaccinate


Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice


National Vaccine Info Center   



Vaccine Package inserts   



Global Vaccine Institute  



Dr. Joe  Mercola



Vaccine Risk Awareness Network   (previously

FHCi,  Free and Healthy Children International 




Youtube Channel                                                                                 

Video clips of facility, clients and 2 minute ideas         


Blogspot : Articles, updates and comments of clinic activities


Fused Logic Radio Interview - Business development



Favorite books and tools to improve your quality of life 

All available on

Excuse me your life is waiting
Excuse me your life is waiting
Sugar Blues
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
Pottenger's Cats
How to raise a healthy child
The Power of Now
Power vs Force
Beyond the Twelve Steps

Series by Lynn Grabhorn

with workbook

Keeping life simple by 

PRACTICING the power of NOW

Eckart Tolle


Understanding your choices

for your children's health & Vaccines

His personal story about diabetes and the truth behind the diet - William Duffy


Fabulous for understanding the what has happened to our diet

By Dr. Weston Price

ALSO check out Price Pottenger Org.


Power Vs. Force


David R. Hawkins



Raising a vaccine free child
Nourishng Traditions
The Dragon doesnt Live here anymore
Love and Respect

A brilliant and simple case study of nutrition and degeneration with 3 generations of cats 


Dr Emerson Eggerichs

* He & His wife also run seminars


Series by Alan Cohen


Sally Falon- Nourishing Traditions

Good basics for the family, including infants


The Solution
Vaccine Guide
Vaccine Free

Kate Birch & Cilla Whatcot - The Solution 

Kate Birch - Vaccine free 

Available on AMAZON shopping 

- select SMILE, and choose 'Free and Healthy Children International' as your charity

KNOW your choices - understand the risks of each type of vaccine 

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