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Inside & Out Naturally, The Clinic


Years ago, I had a dream to build a one of a kind wellness center, where people could come to one location and have all their natural health care needs addressed. From design concept, financing, floorplans, permits, construction management, sealing sound barriers, framing 250 gallon aquarium stands, installing cabinets, installing trim finishes, detail painting and more; I was hands on through every painful, challenging step. AND...without any regrets, I would do it all again for the gift it gave my clients, staff and practitoners. 


 In Sept. 2005, the doors opened on a beautiful, 3000 square foot complex which included

7 therapeutic studios, a seminar facility, smoothie bar storefront and a personalized Infrared sauna service.

Therapists included myself with homeopathy as well as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage, body talk, angel reading, aromatherapy,

reflexology, ion therapy, esthetic services and more.

The seminar room hosted business meetings, pilates, yoga, art classes, belly dancing, powerful drumming circles,

and family movie nights to name a few. 

It was the first of its kind in western Canada -

and has been copied by many since. 

Although I have since sold it and moved onto new aspirations,

it is one of my greatest contributions to natural health care thus far, with the exception

of the health care I have been able to provide for clients

Smoothy Bar with fresh natural ingredients
Reception Desk
Presentation Space
Seminar Room
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