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              Thermal Screening & Imaging
Choose your series and appointment below 

What health issues are keeping you from living your best life? 


Let us help you with the most advanced, non-invasive, direct to patient, FDA 510k medically approved   

"diagnostic screening for the detection of breast cancer and other uses such as: peripheral vascular disease, neuromusculoskeletal disorders, extracranial cerebral and facial vascular disease, thyroid gland abnormalities, and various other neoplastic, metabolic and inflammatory conditions."

Come and enjoy a uniquely comfortable, private, professional environment for your medical screening services.


We take the extra steps in our reporting.  All screenings include specialized vascular imaging

AND, your breast detail report includes estrogen activity ratings and specific quadrant temperature variants,        often missed by older systems.

NOTE: Breast detail is a separate series and a separate report, only included with Series 1, 5 and 8


Thermal screening packages

For a good baseline of health status, we suggest men start with a full body series ( 48 images) and

women start with a full body with breast series ( 55-57 images)

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