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Cleansing is a common conversation

these days.

Everyone is doing something—how do we know what is safe?


I have clients come into my office suffering as a result of colon cleansing that has been too harsh and wiped out their probiotic balance so they suffer with chronic diarrhea and cramping. Others come in with chronic edema and lymphatic congestion and others with chronic headaches and lethargy…. how do we know where to start?


Stick with the basics and  consult a practitioner. The wisest choice you can make is to understand your body and the behavior it has taken on.


Simple supports like chlorophyll work with the quality of the blood and colon, bowel sweepers that are fibre based work well with out stripping the probiotics. NEVER purged your system, you can create a chronic spasm conditions affecting the nerves surrounding the colon.


Often a homeopathic detox kit is a pleasant kick start for your body but again, not intended for everyone.


WATER is an absolute, the majority of the population is very dehydrated drink one half your weight in ounces on a daily basis. Rule of thumb, increase water by 25% when cleansing ( your body will adjust to the fluids)   


Often people are cleansing as part of the weight loss process. They get frustrated because they are not getting results fast enough. A common problem is a lack of nutrients and poor digestion / absorption. Often we are consuming food without getting the nutritional value from them so the body assumes it is starving.

An easy way to support that dis-function is by using a greens concentrate powder. It will supply micronutrients essential for cellular function, support the lymphatic system and also stimulate enzyme activity in the intestine. Start with small amounts and increase slowly to ease the potential of gastric discomfort.


Another common complaint is bowel constipation—we often hear of people who eliminate less then daily. Think about it … three meals in ...three meals out? Or do your wastes become impacted in the colon creating a septic tank? Do you have bloating and gas after your meals or any pain in the gall bladder and liver area? An easy support is Swedish bitters - yes they taste bad and they work!

Be sure to use the type without an alcohol base for better effectiveness.


Sea salt baths support the cleansing process while rebalancing the minerals. Infrared sauna treatments, Ion foot therapy, reflexology and colon hydrotherapy also compliment the process in a gentle, respectful way


Be kind to your body!


Fresh Dark Berries
Orange - Citrus
Udo's Choice Beyond Greens
Chlorophyll Ultra
Pure Juices
Maria's Swedish Bitters

PLEASE NOTE: when making diet or lifestyle changes, always contact your medical doctor or medical advisor, especially regarding your medication use. The information on this website is not intended to treat cure or mitigate disease. 

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