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Kimberley Bennett
Kimberley Bennett DNM®, DCHM(Hons), DHN(Hons),
Board Certified Doctorate of Natural Medicine DNM®
Board Certified Classical Homeopath DCHM(Honors)
Certified Holistic Nutritionist DHN(Honors)

Certified CEASE therapist & Inspiring Homeopathy (IH) 

Certified Iridologist

Certified in Homeoprophylaxis (HP) & Education of the Immune system

Certified in Homotoxicology (Bio-medical drainage) and

Board Certified by the Council of Homeopathy (CHC)

Certified Business & Personal Development Coach

Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician

Member of FHCi (Free and Healthy Children International)

Member of CEASE Therapist Organization

Member of NANP National Association of Nutritional Professionals

Member of Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners

Member of IACT - International Academy of Clinical Thermology

Kimberley has worked as a natural health practitioner for over 20 years, focused on nutritional counseling and education; Iridology analysis for 18 years and Homotoxicology for 14 years, helping over 3000 clients. Completing a degree in Classical Homeopathy (Honors) from the prestigious Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) provides a key approach for healing, especially for emotional trauma and chronic disease conditions. Completing a certification in Holistic Nutrition from the Edison Institute with Honors (DHN) she can provide additional food plans, IgG testing, Hair analysis for heavy metals and health analysis. She encourages people to embrace learning and growing in all aspects of their lives, thus becoming their own personal best. She celebrates success when her clients become conscious of change in their body and embrace responsibility for choices in their health.

Article as seen in the Mosaic  Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine (issue 36)


My illness inspired my career


Illness is often one of life’s ways of getting us back on track with our soul’s purpose.


 I realized this as I was turning 30 years old and setting up a fashion show for a design and manufacturing company I ran at the time.  All of the sudden I was not able to lift my arms above my head to mount the banner. The pain stayed with me and over the next few months gradually moved throughout my body. Most days I had a hard time walking.  At night, because I was in so much pain, I would literally crawl over to the backroom and then soak in the shower to relieve some of the chronic spasms.


For the next four years I struggled with coping tools such as wearing a TENS machine 24 hours a day, having cortisone shots in my spine and living on triple prescription medications of Percocet (an opium derivative) and Voltaren.


Needing to understand how I came to such a poor state of health at such a young age, I began to earnestly research the human body. Along the way some friends introduced me to different nutritional supplements and I began my journey to health and awareness.


With the struggles and the pain I also developed a desire to share the lessons I had been learning. As my health improved, I had a fire in me that drove me to teach others the value of maintaining their health. This conviction led me into the field of nutrition.


Various courses on nutrition and an incredible amount of independent research from medical journals provided a solid foundation to run seminars and work with clients as an independent consultant. What I found, however, was a general population of people who were interested in learning but who did not see the value in committing to themselves or their health for the long term.


I decided I needed a stronger tool to get through to people, to help them to understand the gift they have in good health so they could be proactive. I wanted them to value their bodies and not destroy them. Iridology turned out to be the next amazing tool I learned in my effort to help educate people about their bodies and their health.


Iridology analysis has been a gift to myself and my clients. The iris of the eye is a map of our genetic predispositions, our current health and where we are heading with certain lifestyle behaviors. Using a digital camera, I put the photos of the client’s iris’ on a large computer monitor and I ‘walk them thought the map’ of their eyes. With my thorough understanding of physiology and the human body, I am able to provide clients with a clear understanding of how their bodies work and what their eyes are telling me about the condition of their bodies. 


Using a questionnaire (which provides insight into glandular function and nutrient use) a tongue and nail analysis and the iridology analysis, I am able to provide a comprehensive program plan to each of my clients. The program plan includes nutritional guidance, system cleansing, organ support, educational support and a follow up regime. It can include other recommended therapies such as hypnotherapy to deal with emotional attachment to certain behaviors, meditation classes or self improvement reading materials, a trampoline for lymphatic circulation or even a Radiant Sauna to teach the body how to sweat and eliminate toxins.


This worked very well for many years in my practice. However, the stumbling block I then came up against was the risk of medical (and supplement) contraindications as more and more of the population are being medicated for stress, depression, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. After some research into this, my solution was to include the practice of homotoxicology.


Homotoxicology is a therapy that uses combination substances in tinctures formulated at lower concentrations to support the body in neutralizing and excreting poisons in the body. It works with the environment of the body rather than being ‘cell specific’ thus minimizing the risk of contraindication. Homotoxicology is a perfect balance between allopathic (western medicine) and homeopathy (introducing single remedies into the body of ‘like cures like’ according to symptoms produced by drugs). 


I have a very broad range of more than 800 clients from new babies to the very elderly, all with successes that warm my heart. One in particular was a baby of 14 months old who had an enlarged heart and failure to thrive. The child had been hospitalized shortly after a vaccination, which resulted in vomiting and weight loss as well as the concerns with the heart enlarging. Through the analysis we found the child’s constitution to be a blue lymphatic, thyroid and pituitary dis-function, an inflamed liver, immune dis-function and damage to the heart tissue.

Supplementing the child with Breuss Juice, greens powder concentrates, and Homotoxicology, which supported the heart and lymphatic system, we slowly increased quantities to encourage the child’s system to begin healing.   

Within a few months we saw a significant change as the child’s weight increased, co-ordination to be able to walk improved, color improved, heart function improved and the size of the heart muscle decreased. Medications have been reduced from six to three - a huge relief for such a tiny body.  With a few other therapies to support healing, the child is now healthy and Echo tests measuring the size and squeeze pressure of the heart show function within 5% of “normal” range.


Another client came to see me as a referral from a client. This client had suffered severely from chronic abdominal pain for 15 years with a diagnosis from the doctor of Helio-pyloria bacteria and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The medical industry offered no relief from her pain. Filling out the questionnaires, we found the client had been on Losec and antibiotics, had dealt with burning and bleeding of the esophagus, severe constipation and weight gain. We also noted poor absorption of proteins, low iron levels and potential pancreatic problems.

Through the tongue and nail analysis I showed the client

marks reflecting a ‘B’ deficiency, inflammation in the liver and significant blood impurities.

With photos of the iris, I showed the client the genetic predisposition of a “mixed eye” constitution as well as correlating marks for liver dis-function, damage to the throat tissue, pancreatic dis-function, nerve rings, and anemia ring, toxin congestion and intestinal pockets and restriction points.

Within days of starting a very simple program including a change in diet, probiotics at bedtime (for maximum adhesion), chlorophyll liquid, abdominal oil packs for the bowel, and Homotoxicology tinctures working with the blood, lymphatic and urinary systems the client found relief from pain with in a couple of days. It was also recommended that the client consider breathing techniques to help deal with stressful situations and include meditation and/or some form of relaxation like Yoga to manage stress on a regular basis. 


Other programs, such as treatment after chemotherapy, are more prolonged but ultimately with dedication the client succeeds.  I have celebrated success with men struggling with male menopause (commonly depression and anger), prostate cancer, circulatory disorders, women who tried for years to conceive, women struggling with menopause, weight gain, self image challenges, children that have eating disorders and even athletes vying for top performance. 


Following true to my purpose and beliefs in whole body wellness I opened a one of a kind, all-inclusive wellness center called ‘Inside & Out Naturally’ in September 2005. It includes a seminar facility for all types of classes and workshops, a full Radiant Sauna service, a smoothie/coffee bar, a storefront with exclusive nutritional supplements, as well as seven therapeutic studios with all types of practitioners. It is a small part of a very big dream of mine to provide a safe environment for men, women and children to empower themselves to take charge of their health and futures.


Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program and not to replace the care of a doctor. The information is not intended to treat, cure or mitigate disease.


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