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"Your health & vitality tomorrow 

depend on your choices today.

                     Empower yourself to make Better Choices                                                             - Kimberley

Healthy Holistic Choices

A standard appointment: 

Requires 2-2.5 hours of your time.  It includes a thorough intake of history, and current conditions to develop the homeopathic profile; the iridology analysis which is shown on a screen for the client to view; the tongue and nail analysis with complete explanations to the correlation of your body. Extended nutritional consultations may be required, where the client brings in a journal of eating habits, symptoms, feelings and experiences from a two week period prior to the initial intake. This provides a better understanding of how their lifestyle is affecting their health in more detail. Program plans include information specific to each individual client on eating habits, cleansing, homeopathic healing, supplementing or not, types of exercise, additional ideas and other pertinent information to the client’s short and long term health.


Each file is then researched in detail after the initial appointment, to develop the safest program possible, including and respecting any medication use. My goal is to gently shift the wellness of the body into optimal health so that you can reduce or even stop the use of some medications (with the approval of your doctor of course). When a body is truly healthy, it is not medication nor supplement dependent. This is an evolution resulting from many changes in lifestyle habits and thoughts. It is a journey of health, not an instant fix. 


Follow up is a critical component of results. We review the results and adjust the program accordingly, which takes 30 - 60 minutes every 2-4 weeks depending on health concerns (may require daily check-in for acute conditions). Support is available at all times thru email, texting and toll free calling. 


Annual photos provide the comparison of changes in the iris as health improves or traumatic events in our lives have impact. 

Remote or Off Site Client Services

Appointments Online through video chat or phone calls are available for those who are not able to travel into the office. Clients are required to send in photos and information relevant to the appointment in advance. The consultation is 2-2.5 hours and covers the same details with an exception to the Iridology (unless you are able to provide quality iris photos). Protocols are emailed within the week and follow-up support is equal to that of onsite office appointments. 


Additional information


 Classical Homeopathy  - following the 200 year old principals by Samuel Hahnemann of 'like cures like'. By accurately matching the essence and behavior of a remedy to the characteristic symptoms and behaviors of the patient, we create a 'magnet' type of effect which removes or shifts the state of the patient into better health. Emotional and physical states are balanced, which is key to our daily function and the choices we make. It is a safe and effective process which has no risk or contraindications to pharmaceutical medications. 

Iridology  allows me to show clients both the physical and emotional damage in their body. When we understand the source of health issues we achieve much higher results in repair. A 17th, 18th, and 19th century science developed through thousand of autopsies by medical doctors, correlating the marks, colors, and fibers in the iris of the eye to the genetic predispositions, current function and the disease pathway of your body. As thousands of nerves from every point in the body pass through the brain into the eye they create the map in the iris and although we are not allowed to name diseases we can see the degenerative, inflammatory conditions developing, often before testing confirms the process.  This allows us to be proactive in health and potentially minimizing the the long term risks and severity of disease. 

           Homotoxicology (Bio-medical Drainage) using blends of homeopathic remedies in a complex or chord. This approach works gently for drainage, cleansing and rebuilding systems of the body. Often people complain of achy muscles, sporadic pains, lethargy and headaches; with system drainage, we clean out the 'cotton' and acidic accumulations, which then allows the body to function happily again. Again, a safe and effective process which has no risk or contraindications to pharmaceutical medications. 


Nutritional aspects  are focused on the absorption, bio-availability, acid/ alkali balance, glycemic load and quality of foods a person chooses. Whole, real foods are a priority; and how to incorporate them into a busy lifestyle without stress can be a struggle. Simple choices like butter (which actually has an anti-inflammatory 'Wulzen factor') versus margarine (a fake fat which make weepy membranes on our cells) ... bottom line in my world... if bugs won't eat margarine - why would you? Choose real oils from nuts, seeds and plants like coconut, flax, walnut, almond, olive and yes,.. even butter. My goal is to teach you easy healthy logical food choices, the pros and cons of foods and how to make them work for your body type. Vegan or carnivore, lets make sure you are eating a balanced complete nutritional profile. 

For those who struggle with body composition and have tried every diet or frequently YOYO diet - we have a solution with ANTHROPOS predictive analysis.  A simple, clearly designed food program based on your personal body measurements. The exact foods and portions are laid out in an easy to follow format, supported with coaching calls to keep you on track and help with any blocks or hurdles. This is a program that takes the mystery out of your food choices, helps to reduce the need for any medications, especially high cholesterol, high blood pressure, ED, diabetes, fatigue. 


           Cleansing & Supplements - may be a part of the program although the goal is to establish a state of true wellness and in that state, we are not product dependent. Any cleansing should be respectful and gentle on the body; purging of the bowel is not safe, nor respectful to the body and is never recommended. If supplements are suggested, I will show you what to look for and do not endorse any specific brands, My goal is to teach you how to choose a quality supplement when you are shopping. I may suggest complimentary services such as acupuncture, yoga, lazer, infrared, specific programs or even books to read, etc, it is up to you to follow thru, as you choose, for results. 

        Homeoprophylaxis 'stimulates natural immune system response and enhances normal childhood development'


As a certified supervisor for FHCi (Free and Healthy Children International) we provide a 44 month program, of homeopathic remedies, which are administered by the parent. This provides a safe, pain free, non toxic method to strengthen your child's immune system without the risk of developmental delays caused by toxic carriers and preservatives in the more commonly used injections.


             CEASE therapy  - Has application for any disease caused by chronic toxicity, excessive medication use or when well prescribed Homeopathic remedies are not holding

** quote from Tinus Smit 

'It is clear that autistic children do not suffer from one single cause but from an accumulation of different causes (vaccines, regular medication, environmental toxic exposures, effects of illness, etc.) often triggered after a vaccine incident'. With CEASE therapy, each contributing causative factor is methodically detoxified with a diluted and potentized homeopathically prepared remedy specific to each factor of cause, to clear out the energetic field of the patient from the imprint of toxic substances or diseases. Additional steps by removing obstacles to cure, adding Orthomolecular supports and Inspiring Homeopathy remedies promotes further healing in the body and brain and spirit. 

The Science of Iridology
Classical Homeopathy
Healthy safe non toxic methods to improve child's immune system
Free and Healthy Children
Healthy Holistic Choices

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