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Our body is a reflection of our lifestyle, our habits, and especially what we consume 


                                                             ...we look & feel better, when we make healthy choices!

Healthy Choices
Healthy Choices
start the day as a King,
                         midday as a Queen,
                                           evening as a Peasant
 * 6 small meals ( fist size)  are easier to digest, manage the glycemic loads better, keep metabolism going  and are better for weight management in the body. It is easier to digest food when we are moving around through out the day versus sleeping on a full stomach in the evening - avoid eating less than 3 hours prior to bedtime. Sleeping is a time for rebalance and healing the body, not digestion. 

Glycemic Loads vs. Glycemic index


the index is the rate at which sugar enters the blood stream causing an insulin response, the load considers portion management,

i.e how does 1 cup of pasta affect the insulin response compared to 3c pasta? 

1 c = 30 G load, 3c = 90 GL

( most people eat 2-3 c/serving = 7-10 x what the body can tolerate) 


Tofu frozen yogurt 50g = 115 GI  /  24 GL

fruit yogurt, lowfat 200g = 33GI  /   10 GL

sweet potatoe cooked  150 g, = 59GI   / 18 GL 

apple raw - medium, = 34GI  /  35 GL

apple juice 250ml ( 1c) = 40GI   /  12 GL


How to manage the load - 

Aim for 10 or lower especially when eating it separately

watch the portion/ size - 2x portion = 2 x load

Add healthy fat, fibre, protein, vinegar to reduce the insulin reaction

Raw vegs. have more nutrients and a lower lower load because the fibre is not broken down by cooking

Healthy Choices

Acid / Alkali balance


this is the 'by-product' of digestion when you consume anything - it is not dependent on the acidity going in, it depends on how your body processes  it... thus lemons are neutral (not acidic), and, in general terms meats, processed foods, eggs, cereals, alcohol, pop, sweets, coffee, starches ... anything other then vegetables tend to produce an acidic byproduct when digested. Vegetables, other then onions, tomatoes, and a few others produce and alkalie byproduct in the body - having less damage to the matrix of the immune system. i.e. cancer cells can only live in an acidic environment. Focus on whole real foods !



 70% vegs,  15% protein, 15% starch, 1 tbsp healthy fat

Healthy Choices

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PLEASE NOTE: when making diet or lifestyle changes, always contact your medical doctor or medical advisor, especially regarding your medication use. The information on this website is not intended to treat, cure or mitigate disease

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