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Courtesy of CCHM 


CCHM TV—Interview with  Dr.Joe Kellerstein

Dr. Joe Kellerstein talks with Beverly Isla about the homeopathy! What are the basis and principles of homeopathy? How can it help with well-being?



CCHM TV—Interview with  Dr.Joe Kellerstein

What does Homeopathy have to do with Human potential. What is the connection between the two? Does it help one another? Can homeopathy complement neuro-linguistic programming?



Charles in NHS homeopathy row: Prince holds secret meeting with Health Secretary to lobby for treatment denounced by top doctors as 'witchcraft'

Triple GOLD medalist USAIN BOLT Bounces back from injuries with Homeopathy 

Aug 2016

Queen Elizabeth's Long Life Attributed to Homeopathy

April 2016 The Queen marks her 90th birthday on April 21, that she has reached such an excellent age is largely due to her lifelong trust in homeopathy....

Mother Teresa of Calcutta Homeopathic Supporter
 Did you know that Mother Teresa was a big  supporter of homeopathy? She opened her  first homeopathic clinic in 1950 in Calcutta and there are now four homeopathic clinics run by  her charities in India. She herself studied  homeopathy extensively and would  occasionally  see patients.



2008 Article written for Roaring Women


The Roads That Lead to Wellness. If you click on the map link at the Inside & Out Naturally website you soon realize just how well-located Kimberley Bennett's clinic is. Sitting just outside of the mainstream of the city of Edmonton, but still within easy access for anyone who cares to travel a little beyond well-worn paths, awaits a treasure-house of healing. Kimberley has designed a peaceful space that offers everything you didn't know you were looking for. Several consultants work at the site to provide life coaching, iridology, homotoxicology consultations, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, massage therapy and complete esthetic services. A fully appointed seminar room hosts a variety of facilitators who offer a broad range of classes and workshops. Oh yes, and greater Edmonton's only full service infrared sauna room has a dedicated treatment room on the top floor. All of these services are seamlessly brought together by Kimberley and her staff to give refreshed meaning to the concept of wholistic health care."No one therapy or practice can do it all," Kimberley emphasizes her words with a pause before explaining her business logo.


If you decide to have a consultation with Kimberley you'll find out just how healthy you can become.


But as Kimberley is quick to point out, the healing process doesn't rely on just one treatment over another. This makes even more sense as she explains the three aspects that impact all aspects of human physiology: reactive, proactive and psychosomatic."The result of this," she says, "is that all our organs have an emotion attached to them and all disease has an emotional base.


As you can probably tell, Kimberley Bennett is passionate about her work. She brings many years of business experience to the conference table, beginning with her first enterprise at age 12. It was the 70s and she designed and distributed macramé hangers to be sold in various businesses around town. From there Kimberley broke various gender barriers in the work-world until she developed a manufacturing company producing a line of children's wear. It was successful, but she knew it wasn't her ultimate goal. "It was my son who moved me to action. I was always telling him to follow his dreams. Finally, one day he asked, 'Mom, when are you going to follow yours?' Kimberley placed a down-payment on her clinic within three weeks of that question. "Through the years I have learned how to build cabinets, do wood finishing and pick up any tool required to get the job done. I'm still amazed at the number of gifts I've been given that helped me to create a perfect space to see my one of my many dreams come true." Kimberley's dream has expanded to include mentoring others. On the green strip at the top of the Roaring Women website you'll see a tab marked Services, from there click on Roar Boards to discover another Roaring Women innovation."I'm really excited about being part of the Roar Boards program," Kimberley says.


Take one of the many roads that lead to Inside & Out Naturally, visit with Kimberley, and find out how you can take your health to the next level.







Podcast: SELECT Interview #44




2011 - Article for E-Woman


Education is my passion. Continually learning and teaching about physiology, emotional disease health and business fuel my passion. Currently certified in iridology, homotoxicology, nutrition and business coaching, I am taking my passion for health and business to its next level by completing my Dr. of Homeopathy and then will persue a Masters in Nutrition in order to present to the medical industry methods to integrate natural health with business.

Unique Qualities:

I am a very passionate, integral person dedicated to finding the solutions for a healthy balance in life and educating people. I am very driven to see my clients succeed in all areas. Personal, health and business education becomes "all inclusive" and overlapping to some degree. Hence, as a talented business management professional, I offer an objective perspective, having experienced a diverse background in business. Both field and management skills including design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution, shipping, construction development, accounting, sub contract & employee relations, team building, business plan development, contract negotiation, financing, communications and presentations. Surprisingly, these skills have become pertinent, especially when working on health issues for clients dealing with business stress.

Would like you to know:

“How we do anything, Is how we do everything!” I believe all areas of our life are interdependent and how we run our business is how we run our home life, our spiritual life and our health.

Who can benefit most:

My focus is on complete wellness. I believe that we must include all aspects of our body, spirit and mind to age gracefully. My clients must be ready, willing and able to follow through on their programs in order to succeed.

Helping others:

My greatest contribution is through education. Weather it is one on one consultations or conference workshops and seminars, people always leave saying "Wow, that is so cool! I want to learn more" and that is exciting for me. I love seeing the" light Bulb' go on for people when they realize they truly are in control of their destiny. After all... we are in charge of our body, and how we age should be health by choice, not by chance!




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