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Health by Choice...Not by Chance
 My focus is on complete body wellness. I believe that we must include all aspects of our body, spirit and mind to age gracefully.
Often we expect supplements to be an easy fix for our health and what we do not realize is that “dis-ease” develops from both our emotions as well as the physical stress on our body.
Balanced nutrition, absorption, digestion, and cleansing are daily functions which play a critical role in the aging of cells. They, along with our work and home environments, contribute to the accumulation of toxins in our body, which in turn produce by-products in the matrix surrounding our cells. It is in this matrix surrounding the trillions of cells of our bodies that we provide the environment for disease.
Through iridology we see the pathway to disease; hair analysis we analyze heavy metals and disease status; IgG and lab testing we understand your current state of response; homeopathy, we shift the cellular memory and functional response; homotoxicology we provide drainage; homeoprophylaxis we educate the immune system and through nutrition we feed and rebuild the body. CEASE therapy (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) is only required when there are toxic blocks that can not be removed with standard methods and requires deeper therapeutics. 
In true health, we are not product or medication dependent, my goal is to help you achieve that independence. 

Board Certified

Doctorate of Natural Medicine DNM®

Board Certified Classical Homeopath DCHM(Honors)

Certified Holistic Nutritionist DHN(Honors)

Certified Iridologist

 Certified in Homotoxicology

(Biomedical drainage)

Certified Homeoprophylaxis (HP)

(Immune System Education)

Inspiring Homeopathy (IH)

Certified in Medication Clearing and Vaccine damage

Certified Thermographic Technician

Picture of Kimberley Bennnett

Kimberley Bennett DNM® 

DCHM(Hons.) DHN(Hons), CCH, C.HP, CTT

* Specializing in medication damage, pathology and disease processes of the body 

Online/ Phone Appointments 

Canada & USA

 Onsite appointments in

Westlake Village, CA, USA 

Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area

Toll Free: 1-855-918-2708

This is the ORIGINAL

Inside & Out Naturally TM Inc.,

Don't be fooled by copy cats!


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