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     As a talented business management professional I bring to the table a diverse background in business in both field and management skills including design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution, shipping, construction development, accounting, sub contract & employee relations, team building, business plan development, contract negotiation, financing, communications and presentations.


     I believe all areas of our life are interdependent and how we run our business is how we run our home life, our spiritual life and our health. I believe we are each given gifts and that we must explore and embrace to achieve our personal best in all areas of our lives.


     It is very fulfilling to coach people as they step into their power and realize what they are capable of achieving. Each time I am able to motivate a client to move forward in their life and take action another part of my own dream is fulfilled. I am inspired by my clients when we see the “light bulbs go on” during our brain storming sessions. It becomes an incredible journey as the client develops wings to fly.


      As a business coach, I am highly motivated, focused on results, very solution oriented, creative and resourceful. My business philosophy is that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” thus we will work together as a team to succeed individually and we will enjoy the journey!



Kimberley Bennett DNM - Doctorate of Natural Medicine
Holistic Approach to Work Life Balance
Team Work

Offering diverse business & personal coaching experience to clients who are willing to do the work, and
want to succeed quickly

How you do anything... is how you do everything!

Achieving your personal best
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