May-June 2017 Seminar

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Often we think our skin conditions are a result of our external environment

The picture below show you what clean eating can do for your INTERNAL environment


and this is a perfect example of can happen when we stop putting inflammatory foods 

into our system and support it with proper nutrient for our personal system, especially when it is based on over 30 serum levels in our blood.

Basics that start with a gentle relaxing of the bowel with magnesium

then you enjoy eating personally designed meal plan 3 times a day, 

without feeling hunger or cravings and made from real, whole foods from the grocery

This is perfect for those who struggle to exercise with the homeopathic metabolic plan,  

and just want to learn how -to eat right for their body


Join me for a free seminar on the research about 

* simple carbohydrates causing high cholesterol and high blood pressure

* how eating healthy fats can reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels

* how insulin resistance affects fat burning and weight gain

* how estrogen and low testosterone affect weight gain

* how much protein is too much

* how calorie restriction stops fat burning

* what works in food combining and why people gain weight

* what causes middle age sleep disruption



Slave Lake Alberta, and Edmonton Alberta


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780 - 918- 2708

**NO PRODUCTS or SUPPLEMENTS will be discussed 


Eating the correct foods for your PERSONAL body and serum levels ( NOT blood typing or being grouped automatically with thousands of others for a system)  results in significant improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, menopause symptoms, diabetic insulin response, sleep, energy levels just to name a few within 4-6 weeks. 




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